We are Experienced market players and advisors
We are young and fast growing company with huge practical experience.
We hear our clients and make our solutions simple, flexible and reliable so customers reduce theirs costs and involve to new era of trading technologies.
Top 4 Reasons our customers choose CommTrade
CommTrade provides a single core technology of intellectual automation for raw materials and products tradings.
Our technology is open and compliments a broad ecosystems of partners to easily integrate our solutions into any customer environment.
CommTrade is both software and hardware solutions that providing the ultimate modern technologies and customer flexibility.
We provide simple, flexible and reliable Automation so our customers can go beyond and focus on their business and cost reduction.
Organizations that run on CommTrade Automation solutions are more efficient and much transparent to business needs and deliver new market value. CommTrade customer over 25% more efficient in industry because our solution is:
Streamline, automation, scalable products
Distributed and cloud ready, multiple products
Machine learning core, distributed ledger ready, transparent for customers
Our partners and advisors
CommTrade Solutions
Our solutions will let participants save 15% of operating costs and make 20% more profits by using a list of instruments
Docs workflows and negotiating automation
The CommTrade interface allows you to perform all actions between all participants without going beyond its framework, simplifying, reminding, prompting and automating some of the actions, such as creating documents and sending to the necessary authorities. Creating, checking, sharing, tracking, analyzing and recording information on actions taken.
Integrations and Automatisations
The interface can create data exchange forms and documents both independently, based on its own blanks, and unload them from internal CRM systems used by companies (1C, SAP, Contour, etc.), by exchanging information through customizable APIs, or by simple transfer / loading documents and data.
Market and deals analytics instruments
Real-time reports on the market conditions including all the details necessary for effective work. As well as analysis of data and information on transactions and shipments made by you and your counterparties.
Blockchain as a Service
Data exchange, coordination and agreements are constantly recorded in a distributed registry (blockchain), which is unchanged and confidential without the presence of a third party - the operator. Such a fixation allows you to rely on this information as the truth, which will be evidence in controversial issues, with sabotage, intentional and unintentional intervention, losses, mistakes and other circumstances.
Logistics and Chain supply tracking
The functional that further in recruiting experience, learning in different situations and building confidence in the new interaction structure, will maximally and, when solving issues of remote tracking and trust-based tracking of logistics, fully automate the implementation of the full cycle of supply transactions, reducing the operational work of staff to minimum.
Payments and Trade Finance instruments
Payments automatisation and accelerations through using new technologies, smart-contracts, financial derivatives trading based on stable-coins and many others future things.
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