Hi, my name is Stanislav. I'm Co-Founder of CommTrade. And in the next several minutes i want to tell you in what i believe.

If you are not new in Tech and Venture industry you know that for now media and retail companies in the globe use some kind of "intellectual" bot systems in messengers and webpages. That is using of a simple and automated ways of helping and speaking their customers. And also this solutions collecting customers data. And you know, there are some companies like ManyChats, Chatfuel and others that create software that provide simple develop and integration such chatbots and bots for those media and retail companies.

Stanislav Zavershinskii
Co-Founder and CEO
And now what are we creating? We are creating such software that provide to develop, integrate and use "intellectual bot-managers" for physical commodity trading companies. Later I'll explain how it works but first i'll tell you that to create this we was need to know how this physical commodity trading practically works, and how the operational work of companies looks like everyday. And we went to a small and medium companies from the market.

Why is small and medium companies? Because the huge commodity companies like Shell, BP and others use for work such solutions like SAP and Oracle. It's very good solutions and finalized but also it is very expensive solutions. You need to pay over $250 000 for installation and many others fees and costs for integration and using the platforms.

But there is other market, this market is 80% of the players. And this market is market of small and medium companies which have annual revenue between $10–30 million. They live by 1–3% margins. They want to use such solutions like SAP and Oracle, which streamline, automates workflows of buying and delivering raw materials, the processes of supply chain management. But they don't have enough funds to buy SAP or Oracle solutions. And what owners and managers of such companies are using everyday?

The owners and managers of small and medium physical commodity trading companies use phone calls, e-mails, eXcel tables and physical meetings for doing their work. How this process practically looks like? You needs to buy and deliver raw material for manufacture. You buy it from producer of raw materials or from other trader, and you negotiate of contracts terms, to realize the contract, start to find deliveries, think about logistic optimization, insurance, loans credit funds and many many other things. And you grab the phone, open eXcel tables, sends tons of documents by e-mails and goes for a meetings. This is ineffective for managers because they are spend over 40 hours per each deal on this operational process. And also this is ineffective for owners because they don't see all processes, they don't have "bird's-eye view" on the supply chain, they don't see all costs, fees, funds, problems and loses of the process.

Huge known companies
BP, Trafigura, etc.
Are Small and Medium Traders
less $30 mil. ARR
Hostages of
SAP/Oracle "Mafia"
And we said that we will build for this companies such solution that cuts over 15%, that means over 6 hours, of ineffective operational work for managers and give for companies owners more control, transparency of the physical commodity deals workflows by automating, tracking and streamline of the processes between contractors.

First, we focused on the polymers trading industry. Why? Because we are from this market, my partner is an owner of polymers trading company. This market is very huge, in US it's over $600 billions annual, and there are over 30 000 plastic traders in this market. Typical company make 50 deals monthly. It means that our solution saves for this market over $1,5 billions monthly by cutting the edges, automating and boost efficiency of business.

It is makes sense for them? Of course, it is makes sense! Because they know how it works in the huge companies, they know how these processes looks in theirs companies. They know how owners and managers works with hedging firms, logistics, insurance companies, warehouses and other contractors by using phone calls, eXcels and e-mails. What price can we ask for that? It can saves over $3 000 in each deal. It can saves $150 000 monthly for company.

We said. It is a SaaS platform that takes subscription near $1 000 monthly for basic product. Is it good for you? Traders said yes!

We started to provide this solution for companies, and the main go to market strategy is — our solution can work inside one company, but it is better works between contractors, when contractors use it together. So if you are working with this product, you can show it for your colleagues and we will integrate this product for your colleagues. And you will work together in semi-automatic mode with streamlined processes, with efficiency and deal transparency.

Do you remember from what i started? We started to collect data how the processes in real life looks likes in trading companies. We didn't goes to a huge companies because this companies have enough funds to buy all the solutions. But we need more data, we need data from all market. In base of this data we started to build software that provide intellectual automatic bot-managers for physical commodity traders. In several future for trading, for buying and delivering raw materials for manufacturers or between traders you won't need many physical manager employees. You would use this intellectual technological bot-manager which works 24/7, collect, analyze and works with data and show you all processes.

What ways will CommTrade have now? What can we do with this basis? We have three directions.

First way. We provide SaaS CRM systems for physical commodity traders that automates and streamline workflows between contractors. This is a good product, this is a good product with own revenue, own grow and spin-offs for other related and same commodity markets.

Second way. We can provide software that simplify development of automatic intelligence bot-managers for trading companies which buy, sell, deliver and operate with materials supply management. This is interesting software for a huge and medium companies.

And third one. In a few months/years we will have collected intellectual worldwide data from commodity trading markets, with the same not-digitized problems (metals, wood, fuels and etc.). And what could we do with this data? With this intellectual historical data with analysis, predictive data for future, and real-time known situation we can be good market analytical company. Also we could sell this data for a huge traders. Such data costs good money.

When we will have in one hand the critical mass of clients, traders who buy, sell, deliver. In other hand we will have the market data. With this we can fast build and launch the marketplace for players, and invite our clients in this marketplace. It will be good fee revenue for us. When we will connect this marketplace with our bot-management systems we would automates physical commodity trading at all. It sound like exchange with delivers.

Finally! What is we provide for investors? We can provide the good exit in a 5–7 years with such line of products and solutions by being sold the company for big enterprise software builder, like SAP, Oracle, Salesforce. You know how much such deals can cost.
But if investors…. because relationships with investors for me is a win-win relationships, no one way direction… if investors will believes in this our future, they will see that alone such product can be good operational revenue company. But when we will collect all this products in one stop solution in one company, we can be really big operational company with huge revenues. This is a direct way for honest public company.

Thank you very much, it was Stanislav Zavershinksii, Co-Founder, Brain, Dreamer and Believer of the CommTrade company. Thank you very much and welcome on board of changing old fashioned non-digitized markets with new technologies!

Stanislav Zavershinksii
Co-Founder, Brain, Dreamer and Believer of the CommTrade company
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