We are Experienced market players and advisors
We are young and fast growing company with huge practical experience.
We hear our clients and make our solutions simple, flexible and reliable so customers reduce theirs costs and involve to new era of trading technologies.
Our story
Founded in 2018
When founded in 2018, we focused on automation solution for raw material trading.
MVP makret information platform
In autumn 2018 we launched our MVP of first product - information platform for Russian market. We started to bring first users
Starta Acceleration in New York and Pivot
In early 2019 we finished acceleration program in New York and made a pivot of products for US and Global markets
Late 2019
We released first pilot of ERP/CRP system with plastic trader
We continue to charge forward to innovate the industry and deliver simple, flexible and reliable solutions to our current and future customers
Piloted with plastic company and 20+ in pipeline
5-7 US pilots converted to paid POC ($80k ARR)
25+ clients worldwide (US, EU, NAFTA, CIS) $1m ARR

Second line products for enterprise solutions
Our Vision
To be the most global and trusted provider of physical trading automation solutions
Our tech core ecosystem
Our partners and advisors
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