Logistic product for real-time remote raw material shipping quality control
Product path Today
Logistic processes have a low level of transparency and require constant physical control
Product Logistics Issues
Low level of transparency and automation leads to visible and invisible losses and costs
Increased transaction costs for physical quality control of the delivered product.
There is no transparent tool for controlling the supply of products on the market for interested parties.
Lack of feature-rich automated software with sufficient trust for remote use.
Frequent product spoilage due to opaque delivery processes.
Product path Tomorrow
Thanks to real-time control and data analysis, we give you the opportunity to receive remote and complete delivery control
Interface of control
CommTrade.Logistic solution
Tracking the delivery of products all the way, excluding loss, damage or other possible situations.
Wireless sensors are located in the vehicle body, receiving information on the temperature / humidity of the product, on the penetration of the intruder into the vehicle body, as well as their location, which transmit information via the BLE wireless communication channel.

Devices are divided into three groups according to their functional purpose:
- wireless security sensors;
- wireless environmental sensors;
- Router (if necessary).

Wireless security sensors can be of the following types:
- infrared passive for detecting movement in the body;
- magnetic contact for determining the opening of the door of the body;

The functions of the wireless environmental sensor are to determine the temperature, humidity of the product, as well as to determine the strong impact of the product.
Options with low cost and maximum autonomy
Key Features:
Sensors transmit information upon arrival at product destination
High battery life - up to 1 year
Low cost of equipment
Sensors are mounted directly on the product
Options with enhanced control and management
Key Features:
Sensors transmit information at a specified time interval
Real-time tracking of cargo location
Remote Sensor Setup
Strong encryption of information with modern cryptographic technologies (ECC)
Options with enhanced unauthorized access control
Key Features:
Sensors transmit information at a specified time interval
Real-time tracking of cargo location
Remote Sensor Setup
Product Theft Tracking
Tech core
CommTrade.Logistic automates remote control of the supply of raw materials through the use of a peer-to-peer distributed network and predictive analytics based on machine learning
The software part
CommTrade.Logistic it's not only sensors, but also a versatile supply chain monitoring system
Benefit for product owners
CommTrade.Logistic increases the efficiency of the entire supply chain, turning blind spots into opportunities for control and new solutions
Remote Delivery Control System

Increasing supply transparency

Automation of the loading / unloading process

Decrease in the human factor in cargo inspection
+ Unified automated supply chain system with minimal human factor
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