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For owners and VPs in oil&gas products
We forecast better supply decisions based on data
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Oil and gas companies in the US spend hours and thousands of dollars on analysts and analysis. The average company makes weekly forecasts for raw materials and products for the domestic and foreign markets. Analyzes multiple streams of information and builds weekly, monthly and quarterly forecasts based on outdated reports and data.
Making operational decisions based on data increases business margins by more than 15%
CommTrade catches market anomalies and responds to trends in real-time. We increase the number of sources of influencing data and improve the accuracy of forecasts by reinforcing models. Algorithms process more market information per unit of time, reducing the human factor and the speed of decisions, freeing up more than 60% of the time for collection and analysis.
How It Works
Select commodity types and range of forecast: weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly. Request a forecast.
CommTrade shows you the forecast and substantiates the influence of factors: news, analytics, market movements, insights etc.
Study the analysis of influencing factors, adjust the significance for you and adapt the forecast system for yourself.
CommTrade – making trading decisions based on data
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