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Powerful automation for collecting information
For analysts and VPs in oil&gas products
Control of all the market under your fingertips
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Oil and gas companies in the US spend hours and thousands of dollars on analysts and analysis. The average company makes weekly forecasts for raw materials and products for the domestic and foreign markets. Analyzes multiple streams of information and builds weekly, monthly and quarterly forecasts based on outdated reports and data.
Saves over 80% of the time on collecting and aggregating meaningful information
CommTrade is a platform that reimagines the way people use external market data, eliminating the time and delays in gathering information from multiple sources. CommTrade enables users with a wide range of technical capabilities and deep domain knowledge to work effectively with market data. With CommTrade, anyone can receive, associate and transform market data into any form they want, and then use it for timely action.
How It Works
Select sources
Select all the sources of market data: news, analytical and government reports, trading results, the futures market, etc.
Merge dashboard
Customize the display of data, form, priority, significance, frequency of updates, and alerts.
Receive updates
Receive all updates in a single space in real time. Analyze, evaluate the significance and relevance of sources.
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