Control your trading deal flow
from propose to close
Automation of deals flow management boost efficiency of distributors teams by reducing over 25% of costs of trade and shipments with raw materials and products
Reduce commodities costs
The market of trading Plastics is above $632 billions
99% deals are handled by more than 1,81 millions employees
Every day in the US alone, 30,000 plastic traders lose 4 to 6 hours of employee work time on messy and tedious operational work. Each hour costs $30-$60 in salary and much more in transparency and lost profit
Because the deals and shipment process is a mess
CommTrade - an intelligent solution that improves productivity by automating, tracking and streamlining workflows between contractors
CommTrade saves +$1,000 per deal. We can provide monthly savings of over $50k for each company and free up +300 hours per week
We offer modern IT tools such as document flow optimization, sharing, tracking, analyzing and recording information on actions taken.
We optimize time and costs of trading commodities, by automating all transaction processes through the use of blockchain solutions that increase the trust of contractors.
Our solution will make life easier for manufacturers, traders and logistics companies
Grow your margins and save money at the same time
The entire deal can be completed using One Single Interface!
CommTrade SaaS counterparty platform
Our solution will let participants save 15% of operating costs and make 20% more profits by using a list of instruments
Docs workflows and negotiating automation
The CommTrade interface allows you to perform all actions between all participants without going beyond its framework, simplifying, reminding, prompting and automating some of the actions, such as creating documents and sending to the necessary authorities. Creating, checking, sharing, tracking, analyzing and recording information on actions taken.
Integrations and Automatisations
The interface can create data exchange forms and documents both independently, based on its own blanks, and unload them from internal CRM systems used by companies (1C, SAP, Contour, etc.), by exchanging information through customizable APIs, or by simple transfer / loading documents and data.
Market and deals analytics instruments
Real-time reports on the market conditions including all the details necessary for effective work. As well as analysis of data and information on transactions and shipments made by you and your counterparties.
Blockchain as a Service
Data exchange, coordination and agreements are constantly recorded in a distributed registry (blockchain), which is unchanged and confidential without the presence of a third party - the operator. Such a fixation allows you to rely on this information as the truth, which will be evidence in controversial issues, with sabotage, intentional and unintentional intervention, losses, mistakes and other circumstances.
Logistics and Chain supply tracking
The functional that further in recruiting experience, learning in different situations and building confidence in the new interaction structure, will maximally and, when solving issues of remote tracking and trust-based tracking of logistics, fully automate the implementation of the full cycle of supply transactions, reducing the operational work of staff to minimum.
Payments and Trade Finance instruments
Payments automatisation and accelerations through using new technologies, smart-contracts, financial derivatives trading based on stable-coins and many others future things.
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